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About Us

Rock Bottom Roasting Company was founded by two Veterans and a third who is still currently serving in the US Armed Forces.


Camaraderie and our love for coffee led to an idea, an idea to create a better cup of coffee. It started out as talks about bean blends and brew types and what we were tired of drinking. Research and experimentation led us to only one outcome… roasting our own coffee and sharing it with like-minded individuals near and far. And since the moment our first beans poured from within the roaster rich in color and aroma, we were hooked.


Not only do we enjoy drinking it, but we also enjoy roasting and strive to create the best experience possible. And the once small idea has now become our passion. RBRC will continue to grow, develop and refine our products and we thank you for your time and interest in Rock Bottom Roasting Company!

Best regards,

Rock Bottom Roasting Company

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